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ROBAX® HighTech Glass-Ceramic for Fireplaces and Stoves

ROBAX® is an extremely heat-resistant, transparent glass ceramic which can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Due to its extremely low thermal expansion, ROBAX® glass ceramic is not affected by extremely high temperatures or substantial temperature shifts and differences. Robax has thus proved a reliable vision window for room heating devices such as fireplaces and stoves.

ROBAX® Mirror
This reflective layer is only offered for flat ROBAX® fireplace viewing panels. When no fire is burning, the reflective pane prevents the inside of the fireplace from being viewed to a large extent. When a fire is burning, however, viewing is excellent. The reflective layer is found on the side that faces away from the fire. To provide assistance with installation, the uncoated side is labeled accordingly

ROBAX® Ambience
Robax Ambiance glass ceramic panels are designed for use as highly resistant exterior linings for stoves and fireplaces that are used to heat private homes (electric, wood, oil or gas fireplaces and cassettes). ROBAX® Ambience opens up new large-format design options for enhancing the appearances of room-heating devices that perhaps require low thermal expansion and high temperature resistance

ROBAX® Magic
Robax Magic glassceramic panels are designed for use as highly resistant interior linings for stoves and fireplaces for heating private homes (electric, wood, oil or gas fireplaces and cassettes).

ROBAX® Anti-reflective
The anti-reflective coating applied on both sides of the glass is available for flat ROBAX® fireplace viewing panels. It helps to avoid reflections from the area surrounding the fireplace and, thus, facilitates the best possible view of the heart of the fireplace. We recommend using ROBAX® AR only with gas devices.

ROBAX® IR Coatings | ROBAX® Mirror
Coatings | ROBAX® Anti-reflective ROBAX® IR is available as a flat panel. The application of oxidic, electrically conductive coatings to one side of the glass results in a large share of the infrared portion of the radiation (and, thus the thermal radiation) being reflected. While light can easily pass through the panel, a protective shield is formed against excessive heat.

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