Technologic glass for life. Made by UTT
Insaat ve
Ticaret Ltd. Sti.

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Thermochromic paints and inks are irreversibly
or reversibly indicating the change in temperature
by change of colour.

Main Range is reversibly and irreversibly covering
from +70 ºC to 1,250 ºC

Chill Range is reversibly covering from
- 30 ºC to + 55 ºC in 14 triggering temperatures.

Liquid Crystal Range is reversibly covering from
- 30 ºC to + 80 ºC

Main Range is used mostly in industrial applications,
such as acid tanks,chimneys and ammoniac tanks to
locate the worn out refractors.

Chill Range is very popular with alcoholic and soft drink
trades, where the images and notes appear as the
temperatures drop.

Liquid Chrystal Range shows the colours of spectrum
(rainbow) from red through violet.

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